Bio: Hi, I want to welcome you to Hýălaní . My name is Elijah and I'm looking forward to assisting you with achieving your health and wellness life balance goals. I start by Helping to guide and educate my clients in setting goals in areas such as reducing chronic pain, fatigue, sugar cravings, reducing weight, decreasing food cravings, increased sleep patterns, maximizing energy and balancing work and life. Hýălaní revolves around the principle that food is medicine and we incorporate this into all of our 100% organic juice cleanses, shakes, and smoothies. NeoGenesis was created with a simple philosophy: I grew up with Puerto Rican and African heritage or as he tells it, “the best of both worlds.” I credit both grandparents with my present-day passion for cooking and thank my grandmothers for instilling an appreciation for healthy eating and healthy living. As a young adult, I became a private chef for various family members and friends. Interpreting their favorite dishes in a healthy, often vegetarian style. I am committed to health and healing and direct my energies into Traditional and Non-Traditional Holistic Medicine, which reinforces my understanding that food is truly a medicine. With a passion to learn as much about the subject as possible, i have studied many therapies and healers, integrating countless modalities into my practice.

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